Lily Virginia is a singer/songwriter with a passion for music, kids, community, kids... and of course, fun! She conducts her regular sing-a-longs in Brooklyn incorporating classic kids songs, original songs, Spanish & multi-cultural songs as well as movement based group activities. She also travels far and wide with her performances singing to children wherever she goes at libraries, schools, hospitals, camps etc! As an educator, Lily teaches both guitar and ukelele to children as young as 5 and as old as 99. Regardless of whether she is leading a performance, teaching a lesson or just having a conversation Lily loves celebrating life and bringing the joy of music to young audiences everywhere.

"Music has made my life meaningful, vibrant and fulfilling - I want to bring that same sense of joy and wonder into children's lives."

Her personal philosophy isn't about finding 'the next Mozart' - it's about helping children discover their own creativity and passion. Every child learns differently and engages with music differently - she teaches by following her students' leads. She often incorporates her background as a dancer and martial artist into a physical approach to music - a guitar lesson can turn into a dance party and back into a counting game. The possibilities are endless, creative, improvisational and fun.

Her background working with children includes all ages at a variety of capacities: Music for Aardvarks teacher (group sing-alongs with 6 mo-4 years), Guitar teacher (one-on-one lessons: ages 6+), Summer camp counselor (sleep away camp: ages 9-16), Capoeira teacher (martial arts classes: ages 7-13), Nanny (ages: 1-9), Tutor (spanish, writing: ages 7-13)