Lilypad Music is a children's entertainment collective run by Lily Virginia. With music as a tool to facilitate joy, learning, and community, Lilypad Music offers sing-a-long classes, event performances, private lessons and original creative content to enrich children's lives.

Based in Brooklyn NY, Lilypad Music is both local and international. Our goal is to create change in our community and beyond. We travel to bring the joy of music to new places in person and we create original new music and video for all audiences to enjoy.

Private Bookings

Contact Lilypad Music for your next children's event! Our typical set includes all the classics (head shoulders, old macdonald, itsy bitsy etc.) with pizzazz, original interactive songs like "Jungle Birthday" (imagine a group of 20 kids roaring like lions all together... it's pretty fun), movement based activities as well as multi-cultural songs in Spanish... and beyond!

Our prices are commensurate with your event needs. Our goal is to provide you with a beautiful experience that both you and your children will remember for years to come!